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Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

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Jo Gak Bo card (small)

This is photo frame card. It is very solid almost like wooden frame. But much lighter than real wood so we can still send it as a card from post office.

I have inspired this design from Jogakbo which is Korean traditional patch work. They used to make Jogakbo to benefit theĀ  useless small piece of cloths. Then they reborn as a beautiful and useful piece of art work. People used them to cover cushion, blanket and table. Some exceptionally beautiful ones became precious item covers like jewelery.

When we do Hanji Craft, how hard we try, we cannot help to have some useless rest of Hanji from big object. Hanji is quite expensive and I cannot order them easily here in Switzerland from Korea. So I looked for the way to use them and found the solution from Jogakbo. We always have a lot of things to learn from old stuff. : )


  • Main Materials : Hanji, Recycled paperboard, paper clay
  • Dimension (cm)
    body 16 x 11
    photo hole 12 x 8.5
  • 15 $